This game has been the subject of two projects within an engineering school in Switzerland (heig-vd). The first part (v1.0) was conducted during a course of Algorithms and Data Structures (where ASD from French). This latter was then taken (v2.0) for a course in Software Engineering to integrate a network game mode. It has also been improved on a slew of other aspects including the game engine, the GUI, design, etc.

Current version
ASD - Tower Defense v2.0 (beta 4) | nov 2010 | heig-vd
GNU General Public License v3 - more information
Aurelien Da Campo - Project Manager v2.0

Lazhar Farjallah - Project Manager v1.0

Pierre-Dominique Putallaz

Romain Poulain
Thanks for
All persons who helped us to create this game especially the open-source community
and our teachers for their help during the project.